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We’re excited to offer the opportunity for brands, businesses and fundraising organisations to collaborate in the production of your own branded gin. From a minimum of 60 bottles in your own branded box to an entire batch of 400 bottles featuring your own label, box and aromatic blend, come on a unique adventure with imagination distilling. Whether it’s for your own bar, event, fundraiser or corporate gift, your own-branded premium New Zealand craft gin will absolutely make a statement!


For a charity

HUHA (Helping you help animals) is a truly fabulous animal welfare organisation that started not far from the distillery. They rehome animals that have been mistreated or abandoned. They do not euthanase.

They caught our attention when they became the saviours of 25 pug puppies rescued from a 'puppy farm', in a pretty dire state.

We produced a batch (and then some more) of a special gin and donated $25 per bottle to HUHA, raising a total of over $15,000!

Go the pugs!


For a corporate gift

Tall Poppy Real Estate is a very successful business born here on the Kapiti Coast.

They were on the hunt for a gift to give to their buyers and sellers and lucky for them, they were enthusiatic gin drinkers. Problem solved right there!

We designed the label and box for them and personalised the gin to their brand by adding poppy seed to the recipe.

In short, everyone happy!


For a cool bar

Hospitality is as competitive as it ever was and the desire to create something different is a big part of creating success.

PIKU Restaurant and Cocktail Bar in Havelock North approached us to create a bespoke gin which would create a difference for them. We created a unique yuzu gin and a striking label which sits perfectly in their stunning bar and on their sumptuous cocktail list.


For a fundraiser

The Missing Wingman Trust is a charity whose sole purpose is to support the families of members of the Royal New Zealand Airforce. They do great things.

We produced a 400 bottle batch of individually numbered bottles which were sold through various auctions at the air force bases. The recipe included citrus picked from trees on base. There was often fierce bidding as service men and women bid for bottles that carried their squadron number or the number of a father or grandfather. Some bottles sold for over $1000!

Gin as a fundraiser? Bit of a no-brainer really...


For a unique hotel

The Double Tree by Hilton Karaka opened in early 2022. It is owned by one of New Zealand's foremost horse racing and breeding families, The Velas.

They approached us to create a unique gin with a label that showcased their most famous horse, Ethereal.

This special gin can only be drunk at the Karaka Hilton.

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